Post-Pandemic Planning 

We are beginning to ponder what our post pandemic existence may look like for our academic community. It is still early, but beginning this process now gives us time to think together, to plan, and to move thoughtfully. The hope is, as we return more regularly to our traditional spaces and activities, to blend the best pieces of the best practices we have incorporated into our culture over this past year – including flexibility, accessibility, technology, teaching pedagogy, inclusivity, and maintaining a sense of community – with the longstanding aspects of our College that we have missed and most value.

Our community has always prided itself in being an interpersonally attuned environment and we will take time to process what has happened and aim to grow from it. A deepened commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, sensitivity to the mental health and wellness needs of our community, and a greater emphasis on social emotional competence will be positive legacies of this era for us.

Dr. Stacey Lambert has convened a Post Pandemic Planning group of staff and faculty to work on this initiative. The Dean of Students Office is also actively engaged and will assist in incorporating the student perspective and experience. Thoughts, ideas and feedback related to this topic can be shared as follows:

  • Faculty can utilize the Department Chairs, Faculty Advisory Committee and the Center for Faculty Development to provide input that will be incorporated into the planning group.
  • Students are encouraged to communicate with their LEAD representative and the Dean of Students Office and watch for surveys designed to garner input.
  • Staff, please send feedback to Human Resources.