Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Who do I go to if I…

Need to pay my bill = Debra Boyce

Have questions on financial aid = Hilary Baxter

Want to get involved in student life = Josh Cooper

Would like career counseling = Meridith Apfelbaum

Need tutoring services = Joan Axelrod

Have to order an official transcript = Registrar’s Office

Am having technology issues = Information Technology Dept

Have questions on disability services = Joan Axelrod

Would like help with Institutional Review Board (IRB) or research grants = Institutional Review Board

Need help with field education = Your Individual Program’s Contact:

Would like help registering for classes = Your Individual Program’s Contact:

Need library research support or have a library question = Emmanuel (Manny) Jeudy

Would like marketing materials for a conference I’m attending/presenting at = Beth Rogan (Marketing)

Have a question about What’s Up Monday, Digital Signage or Social Media = Sarah Johansson

Need to report a safety concern =

Have maintenance/facilities questions (out-of-order vending machines, microwaves, change machines, bathroom supplies, etc.) = Maura Kiley

The Role of the Clinical Mental Health Counselor

The Role of the Clinical Mental Health Counselor Today

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