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Welcome to the website for The William James College’s Office of Academic Affairs. On this site you will find several key handbooks, policy guidelines and resources to provide guidance for both students and faculty to facilitate your work and your progress towards your goals. Visit this website as needed. Please note that new documents will be added if they will be helpful resources. The Student Handbook is reviewed and updated every August and December during the first full business week of the month.

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Intellectual Property Policy

Code of Ethics for Psychologists, Counselors and School Psychologists :

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Academic and Cross-Department Handbooks & Manuals

For Faculty

Faculty Award Program 

The Faculty Award Program has been designed to promote the development of new projects, programs, initiatives and curriculum within the college’s centers, concentrations and areas of emphasis. A director of a center, concentration or area of emphasis identifies an area for further development and asks her or his faculty if anyone would like to assume the project. Alternatively, a faculty member may propose a project to a director for consideration.

Once an area decides on a project(s), the faculty member submits a brief application which indicates the scope of the project and the measurable outcomes. The application is signed by the faculty member, the area director and the faculty member’s department chair. The director indicates the area’s priorities by ranking the importance of all submitted projects. The department chairs and the VPAA receive the application and meet to determine which faculty members will receive the award in the coming academic year. The award is a $1500.00 award for a 30 hour project. The faculty member must submit a summary report with measurable outcomes to the VPAA no later than June 15 of the academic year.

Award Instructions

President’s Award 

The President’s Faculty Seed Grant (FSG), which is administered by the Office of Research, is meant to stimulate and support fundable faculty research at William James College.  The six-month grants are intended to result in successful bids to outside agencies, foundations and other funders; to support pilot studies; to contribute to analysis of existing data; to support development of a professional paper appropriate for presentation at a professional conference, and/or a manuscript suitable for review and publication in a professional journal.  The grant program is an investment to advance the faculty member’s broader research agenda, to enhance the overall clinical research activity at WJC, to encourage greater faculty and student involvement in ongoing research, and to support the advancement of the field. There are currently two funding cycles per year (Cycle 1: July thru December and Cycle 2: January thru June).  During each cycle, with support from the WJC President’s Fund for Research, as many as two $5,000 grants will be made to the successful faculty applicants.  Eligibility, application requirements, detailed instructions for applying, as well as selection criteria are described in the FSG Application Guidelines.   

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