Robert DingmanRobert Dingman, EdD 

Director of Military and Veterans Psychology
Director of Train Vets to Treat Vets
Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) Faculty

Dr. Dingman is a licensed psychologist whose principle clinical interests are in contemporary child and family therapies applied to problems of trauma and attachment.  He has worked in community mental health settings in both outpatient and inpatient venues, as well as private practice, and has extensive experience with clinical field training and supervision.  Dr. Dingman’s academic interest areas are in humanistic/experiential forms of psychotherapy, the history of psychology, and Buddhist psychology.  He received his BA from Minnesota State University, his MA from San Diego State University, and his doctorate from Boston University.  He has had faculty appointments at St. Michael’s College, Assumption College, Harvard Medical School, UMASS Medical School, and the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology.

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