Doctoral Level Course Sequence

While the following sequence of courses is recommended, students are encouraged to meet with their advisor and concentration director to discuss their own academic plan.

Year One: Fall Semester

  • Apply to the program
  • Complete and submit a Concentration Declaration Form
  • Submission of the Concentration Declaration Form in the Fall guarantees financial aid for all credits
Year One: Spring Semester Year One: Summer Sessions I and II
  • AMHP Summer Immersion (credits: 0)
  • AMHP Immersion Seminar (credits: 1)

The immersion experience is still under development. A local immersiom option will also be available for students unable to complete an international program.

Year Two: Fall Semester

Year Two: Spring Semester

  • Clinical Work with Asians (credits: 2)*
Years Three or Four: Fall or Spring Semester
  • Clinical Assessment with Asian Populations (credits: 2)*

*Students are able to take these courses in any sequence or subsequent semesters before they graduate.

Additional Notes

  • A minimum of 25% of Field Placement direct services with Asian/Asian Pacific American populations by date of graduation.
  • Students need to complete a Doctoral Project with a focus on population Asian / Asian Pacific Americans.
  • All concentration credits can be used as part of electives.
  • If you belong to two concentrations, speak with the Director of AMHP for course planning.
  • All courses are offered on Wednesday evenings (6:40-8:30 pm, every other week).
  • Summer immersion group travels during Summer II session.

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