Master's Level Course Sequence

While the following sequence of courses is recommended, students are encouraged to meet with their advisor and concentration director to discuss their own academic plan.

Year One: Fall Semester

Year One: Spring Semester Year One: Summer Sessions I and II
  • AMHP Summer Immersion (credits: 0)
  • AMHP Immersion Seminar (credits: 1)

The immersion experience is still under development. A local immersiom option will also be available for students unable to complete an international program.

Year Two: Fall Semester


Year Two: Spring Semester

  • Clinical Work with Asians (credits: 2)
Field Placements: A minimum of 25% of direct services with Asian populations by date of graduation (cumulative)

Episode 12: Boys of Color

Boys of Color Podcast

Multicultural and Global Mental Health Spotlight

Rapport Spring 2016 Cover Image