While the following sequence of courses is recommended, students are encouraged to meet with their advisor and concentration director to discuss their own academic plan.

Year One: Fall Semester
  • Apply to the program
  • Complete and submit a Concentration Declaration Form
  • Submission of the Concentration Declaration Form in the Fall guarantees financial aid for all credits
Year One: Spring Semester Year One: Summer Sessions I and II

Students will go to Guayaquil, Ecuador for four weeks to live with host families, participate in Spanish classes, and engage in volunteer activities at various mental health facilities. The summer immersion group travels from the third week in July to the third week in August. A local immersion option is also available for students unable to complete an international program.

Year Two: Fall Semester Year Two: Spring Semester

Episode 12: Boys of Color

Boys of Color Podcast

Multicultural and Global Mental Health Spotlight

Rapport Spring 2016 Cover Image