Concentration Core Courses (6 credits)
CLI HP530 - Theoretical Foundations in Clinical Health Psychology (credits: 2) 
CLI HP541 - Applications in Clinical Psychology (credits: 2) 
CLI HP550 - Advanced Topics in Clinical Health Psychology (credits: 2) 

Clinical Practice Course (2 credits) For those entering before 2019 only
Choose ONE of the following:
CLI BX700 - Clinical Practice of Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (credits: 2) 
CLI CX630 - Clinical Practice of Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Child and Adolescent Disorders (credits: 2) 

Elective Course (1, 2 or 3 credits)
Choose ONE of the following:
CLI NP550 - Functional Neuroanatomy (credits: 3)*
CLI GE500 - Geropsychology (credits: 2) 
CLI PS602 - Pediatric Psychology (credits: 2) 
CLI NP630 - Cognitive Rehabilitation (credits: 2) 
CLI NP650 - Neuropsychology of Aging (credits: 2) 
CLI SB522 - Addictive Disorders: Theory and Treatment (credits: 2)*
CLI MV522 - Substance Abuse and Addictions in Military and Veteran Communities (credits: 1) 
CLI HS520 - Human Sexuality (credits: 2) 
A health-related course approved by the Concentration Director

*This course is only an elective option for those entering before 2019.

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