Core Courses (11 credits)
CLI GE500 - Geropsychology (credits: 2) 
CLI GE520 - Selected Topics in Clinical Geropsychology (credits: 2) 
CLI GE540 - Geriatric Psychopharmacology (credits: 2) 
CLI NP530 - Functional Neuroanatomy and Neuropathology (credits: 3) (Meets general clinical requirements as well as concentration requirements, thus does not reduce the number of elective credits)
One additional elective from list below (credits: 2)

CLI NP650 - Neuropsychology of Aging (credits: 2)
CLI HP530 - Theoretical Foundations in Clinical Health Psychology (credits: 2) 
CLI GR530 - Health Management for Older Adults (credits: 2) (offered summers through Harvard Medical School)

Latino Mental Health College-Wide Concentration

Latino Mental Health Program

Military & Veterans Psychology Program