Clinical Psychology Department

Course Catalog

CLI FP904 - Additional Applied Training
CLI FP914 - Additional Applied Training (continued)
CLI BX701 - Adult CBT Theory and Practice
CLI MH513 - Adult Forensic Psychology
CLI NP625 - Adult Neuropsychological Assessment
CLI PY522 - Adult Psychopathology
CLI AA600 - Advanced Assessment: Integrated Team Clinic
CLI FP925 - Advanced Clerkship/Fieldwork
CLI FP935 - Advanced Clerkship/Fieldwork (continued)
CLI CS806 - Advanced Clinical Practice
CLI SB701 - Advanced Clinical Practice: Motivational Interviewing
CLI FP830 - Advanced Clinical Practicum I
CLI FP835 - Advanced Clinical Practicum I -1
CLI FP850 - Advanced Clinical Practicum II
CLI FP855 - Advanced Clinical Practicum II (continued)
CLI NP701 - Advanced Neuropsychological Case Conceptualization
CLI HP550 - Advanced Topics in Clinical Health Psychology
CLI HP541 - Applications in Clinical Health Psychology
CLI CX520 - Child Psychotherapy
CLI PY520 - Child Psychotherapy-1
CLI BX702 - Child/Adolescent CBT Theory and Practice
CLI MH512 - Children, Families and the Law
CLI FP940 - Clinical Internship I
CLI FP945 - Clinical Internship I (continued)
CLI FP950 - Clinical Internship II
CLI FP955 - Clinical Internship II (continued)
CLI CL520 - Clinical Interviewing
CLI CS706 - Clinical Practice I
CLI CS707 - Clinical Practice II
CLI BX700 - Clinical Practice of Cognitive Behavioral Therapies
CLI CX630 - Clinical Practice of Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Child and Adolescent Disorders
CLI FX615 - Clinical Practice of Family and Systems Therapy
CLI GR523 - Clinical Practice of Group Therapy
CLI PT800 - Clinical Practice of Psychodynamic Therapy
CLI FP630 - Clinical Practicum I
CLI FP635 - Clinical Practicum I (continued)
CLI FP750 - Clinical Practicum II
CLI FP755 - Clinical Practicum II (continued)
CLI NICAL - Clinical PsyD Forensic Concentration
CLI NICAL - Clinical PsyD Transfer of Credit Policy
CLI CS600 - Clinical Seminar I
CLI CS605 - Clinical Seminar I (continued)
CLI CS700 - Clinical Seminar II
CLI CS705 - Clinical Seminar II (continued)
CLI CS790 - Clinical Seminar in Assessment with Latino Population I
CLI CS791 - Clinical Seminar in Assessment with Latino Population II
CLI CS900 - Clinical Seminar IV: Theory and Practice of Supervision and Consultation
CLI CS905 - Clinical Seminar IV: Theory and Practice of Supervision and Consultation (continued)
CLI CC551 - Clinical Work with Latinos I (Clinical Work with Latinos in the United States)
CLI CA601 - Cognitive and Affective Bases of Behavior
CLI PA601 - Cognitive Assessment
CLI NP630 - Cognitive Rehabilitation
CLI TR604 - Collective Trauma and Community Healing
CLI CX540 - College Mental Health Practice
CLI PT701 - Contemporary Psychodynamic Theory and Practice
CLI PR950 - Continuing Doctoral Project
CLI FX621 - Couples Therapy
CLI CC522 - Diversity and Cross Cultural Psychology
CLI PR800 - Doctoral Project I
CLI PR801 - Doctoral Project II
CLI PR901 - Doctoral Project III
CLI PR904 - Doctoral Project IV
CLI PS801 - Ethics, Standards, and Professional Practice
CLI ET705 - Exposure Therapies for Anxiety Disorders
CLI FP911 - Extended Internship Training
CLI FP921 - Extended Internship Training (continued)
CLI FX515 - Family and Systems Theory
CLI FX701 - Family Systems Theory and Practice
CLI FP800 - Field Placement Internship I
CLI FP805 - Field Placement Internship I (continued)
CLI FP900 - Field Placement Internship II
CLI FP905 - Field Placement Internship II (continued)
CLI MH625 - Forensic Assessment
CLI NP550 - Functional Neuroanatomy
CLI NP530 - Functional Neuroanatomy and Neuropathology
CLI CP500 - Fundamental Clinical Practice Skills
CLI AC710 - Fundamentals of Global Mental Health
CLI GE540 - Geriatric Psychopharmacology
CLI GE500 - Geropsychology
CLI AC800 - Global Mental Health: Program Development & Evaluation
CLI CC564 - Haiti Service Learning and Cultural Immersion Experience
CLI PS600 - History and Systems
CLI HS520 - Human Sexuality
CLI HU520 - Humanistic Theory
CLI PA617 - Integrated Assessment: Adult
CLI PA801 - Integrated Assessment: Adult-1
CLI PA618 - Integrated Assessment: Child
CLI PA802 - Integrated Assessment: Child-1
CLI AA615 - Integrated Psychological Assessment
CLI FP960 - Internship
CLI FP965 - Internship (continued)
CLI PT785 - Interpersonal Psychotherapy: An Empirically Supported Psychological Treatment
CLI CL523 - Introduction to Clinical Care-Children and Families
CLI AC610 - Introduction to Global Mental Health
CLI NT500 - Introduction to Narrative Therapy
CLI IP600 - Introduction to Program Management
CLI MH520 - Law and Mental Health
CLI LP785 - Leadership
CLI ST850 - Leadership and Management of Systems
CLI BX500 - Learning Theory
CLI LS659 - Lifespan Development
CLI CC560 - LMH Immersion Seminar
CLI CC563 - LMH Summer Immersion
CLI TR540 - Meeting the Needs of Returning Veterans
CLI MV515 - Military Families and the Cycle of Deployment
CLI MV545 - Military Psychology and Culture
CLI ET670 - Multicultural and Trauma-Sensitive Expressive Arts Therapy
CLI NP670 - Neuropathology
CLI NP601 - Neuropsychological Assessment
CLI NP650 - Neuropsychology of Aging
CLI CX525 - Parent-Child Interaction Therapy
CLI NP615 - Pediatric Neuropsychological Assessment
CLI PS602 - Pediatric Psychology
CLI PA602 - Personality Assessment
CLI PP520 - Physiological Psychology
CLI MH630 - Police Psychology
CLI HU641 - Positive Psychology
CLI PY740 - Preventive Mental Health Programs for Children and Families
CLI PD850 - Program Development and Evaluation
CLI PM625 - Projective Methods in Psychological Assessment
CLI PT700 - Psychodynamic Theory
CLI PA604 - Psychological Assessment of Child and Adolescent Disorders
CLI TR522 - Psychological Trauma: The Individual and Society
CLI PA603 - Psychometrics
CLI PY521 - Psychopathology of Childhood and Adolescence
CLI PH521 - Psychopharmacology: Theory and Practice
CLI RS525 - Research
CLI RS535 - Research (continued)
CLI GE520 - Selected Topics in Clinical Geropsychology
CLI FS601 - Sex Offender Evaluation and Treatment
CLI PS603 - Social Bases of Behavior
CLI HU635 - Spirituality, Jung and the Use of Images in Psychotherapy
CLI RS526 - Statistics
CLI MV522 - Substance Abuse and Addictions in Military and Veteran Communities
CLI ST810 - Systems Theory and Practice: Psychological Interventions in the Community
CLI PY750 - The Ecology of Child Behavioral Health: Prevention, Intervention and Public Policy
CLI CC550 - The Experience of Latinos in the United States I
CLI CC549 - The Hispanic/Latino Experience (Introduction Latino Culture)
CLI HP530 - Theoretical Foundations in Clinical Health Psychology
CLI GR521 - Theory of Group Dynamics
CLI TR530 - Trauma and Resilience: Family, Community, and Global Perspectives
CLI MV540 - Trauma and the Military
CLI MV555 - Trauma Theory and Treatment with Emphasis on Military and Veteran Populations
CLI SB700 - Treatment of Substance Use Disorders
CLI SB700 - Treatment of Substance Use Disorders-1
CLI TC556 - Understanding System-Involved Youth

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