Doctoral Project 

The Doctoral Project is a research project reflecting the student’s individual interests and provide an opportunity for the consolidation of the student’s knowledge and understanding of current research and thought in a specific area.  The project is initiated by the student under the guidance of the student’s Doctoral Project Committee.  The Committee is comprised of three members: a chairperson and member  selected from among the faculty and a third member who may be an expert in the specific research area and who is from the greater professional community.

Specific areas of research often lend themselves to varying methods of research design, and students have a range of methods available from which they may choose, including quantitative analysis; qualitative analysis (phenomenological research); the formulation of a practical application of psychological data and/or theory (demonstration project); a theoretical analysis; or a case study. All William James College doctoral projects are published in Dissertation Abstracts International.

The project is completed when it is approved by the Doctoral Project Committee and presented at a colloquium. The Colloquium is a public professional presentation as well as a celebration of the completion of a student’s work. 

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Connect with Our Students