Talent Management Concentration

Talent Management

Improve organizational success through personnel development.

The concentration in Talent Management provides students with an interest in 21st century human resource approaches to gain critical skills, practice, theory, and assessment training in this growing field. A specialization in the field of talent management prepares organizational psychology professionals to improve performance in organizations through talent recruitment, engagement, development, and retention while also enhancing the value of professionals in today's workforce.

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Curriculum Overview

Students with the Talent Management concentration will follow a similar 30-credit curriculum as students enrolled in the MA in Organizational Psychology. Students in this concentration will complete 3 courses in Talent Management (in lieu of 3 courses within the general Organizational Psychology curriculum) and focus their field project and Capstone work within talent management work.  Current students seeking to declare the concentration are asked to contact our Talent Management Concentration Director, Dr. Carlene Caldwell, at carlene_caldwell@williamjames.edu

The three core Talent Management courses are:
ORG TM601 - Talent Acquisition and Management 
ORG TM610 - Business Strategy and Organizational Life Cycle 
ORG TM615 - Performance Development and Management Psychology and Training

These are substituted for these three general Organizational Psychology courses:
ORG ST500 - Foundations of Organizational Development 
ORG ST502 - Diagnosis, Intervention, and Evaluation in Organizational Development 
ORG HU676 - Participatory Action Research and Appreciative Inquiry  

Please note, students are invited to take one or more of the substituted general Organizational Psychology courses in addition to their concentration at a 50% tuition discount after graduating.

MA in Organizational Psychology

Offered as part of the MA in Organizational Psychology program

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Concentration Faculty

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Carlene Caldwell.

Carleen Caldwell, PsyDCarleen Caldwell, PsyD

Director, Talent Management Concentration


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