Forensic and Counseling Psychology Master of Arts (MA)

Graduates of the MA in Forensic and Counseling Psychology program will have fulfilled all the educational requirements to qualify for LMHC licensure in Massachusetts.

This program examines the relationship between psychology and the legal system, and trains students at this intersection as it relates to applying psychological principles to legal issues in judicial, correctional, clinical, administrative, and education systems. Although the primary goal is to prepare master’s level clinicians, this program will also provide students with some of the necessary foundations for pursuing further graduate study. Graduates of this program will have fulfilled all educational requirements to qualify for licensure in the state of Massachusetts as Mental Health Counselors (LMHC).

Curriculum Map

Two-Year Sequence

Year 1 - Fall Semester (14 credits)
COU CC523 - Psychology of Diversity and Difference (credits: 3) 
COU CX510 - Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy (credits: 3) 
COU CS500 - Practicum Seminar I: Helping Relationships I (credits: 2) 
COU FP521 - Counseling Practicum I (credits: 0) (12-16 hours/week)
COU LS659 - Lifespan Development (credits: 3) 
COU PS635 - Professional Issues and Ethics (credits: 3) 

Year 1 - Spring Semester (14 credits)
COU CS501 - Practicum Seminar II: Helping Relationships II (credits: 2) 
COU FP523 - Counseling Practicum II (credits: 0) (12-16 hours/week)
COU MH531 - Mental Health and Counseling in the Legal System (credits: 3) 
COU PA535 - Psychological Assessment for Counselors (credits: 3) 
COU PY522 - Adult Psychopathology (credits: 3) 
COU SB515 - Substance Abuse Evaluation and Treatment (credits: 3) 

Total First Year: (28 credits)

Year 2 - Summer Semester (9 credits)
COU CD501 - Career Counseling (credits: 3) 
COU GR501 - Group Counseling and Psychotherapy (credits: 3) 
COU PY521 - Psychopathology of Childhood and Adolescence (credits: 3) 

Year 2 - Fall Semester (14 credits)
COU FP624 - Counseling Internship I (credits: 0) (20-24 hours/week)
COU FS651 - Consultation, Collaboration and Testimony (credits: 3) 
COU FS611 - Criminal Behavior (credits: 3) 
COU FS620 - Forensic Internship Seminar I (credits: 2) 
COU FX510 - Introduction to Family Therapy (credits: 3) 
COU RS510 - Research and Evaluation in Psychology (credits: 3) 

Year 2 - Spring Semester (9 credits)
COU FP624 - Counseling Internship I (credits: 0) (20-24 hours/week)
COU FS621 - Forensic Internship Seminar II (credits: 2) 
COU PR625 - Forensic Capstone Project Seminar (credits: 3) 
Elective (credits: 1)
Elective (COU TR602 - Trauma: Theory and Treatment or COU FS501 - Sex Offender Evaluation and Treatment) (credits: 3)

Total Second Year: 32 credits 
Total Program: 60 credits

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