Global Mental Health Concentration for Counseling Psychology Master of Arts (MA)

We are no longer accepting applications for the MA in Counseling Psychology and Global Mental HealthWe now offer a concentration in Global Mental Health, which is a specialization option in any of our academic programs.

The MA in Counseling Psychology in Global Mental Health (GMH) prepares students for careers to work with people and communities affected by the trauma of war, natural disasters, human trafficking, and gender and ethnic oppression and violence around the globe and in the United States.


 Students in the Counseling Psychology in Global Mental Health can also enhance their education with immersion experiences facilitated by William James College faculty. Immersions begin with instruction in post modern, dialogical, and critical theories that potentiate cross-cultural and cross-national collaborations. Students subsequently travel outside of the United States to apply the knowledge they gained in the classroom. Most importantly, students learn both the benefits and challenges of applying such frames in interactions with foreign professionals and populations. The main objective is for the student to develop the critical thinking and relational skills (e.g. tolerance, mutual respect, affect based trust) necessary to continue to successfully engage in international work beyond graduation. Yearly trips are scheduled to Costa Rica and Ecuador through the Latino Mental Health concentration at William James College. William James College faculty also have ongoing involvement with organizations and universities in Haiti, Palestine, and Guatemala among several others, and they facilitate student trips to these countries.

Curriculum Map
Year One: Fall Semester (14 credits)
COU CS500 - Practicum Seminar I: Helping Relationships I (credits: 2) 
COU FP521 - Counseling Practicum I (credits: 0)(12-16 hours/week)
COU CX510 - Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy (credits: 3)
COU PY521 - Psychopathology of Childhood and Adolescence (credits: 3)
COU PS635 - Professional Issues and Ethics (credits: 3)
COU CC523 - Psychology of Diversity and Difference (credits: 3) 

Year One: Spring Semester (14 credits)
COU CS501 - Practicum Seminar II: Helping Relationships II (credits: 2) 
COU FP523 - Counseling Practicum II (credits: 0)(12-16 hours/week)
COU PY522 - Adult Psychopathology (credits: 3)
COU PA535 - Psychological Assessment for Counselors (credits: 3)
COU GM510 - Fundamentals of Global Mental Health I (credits: 3) 
COU TR602 - Trauma: Theory and Treatment (credits: 3) 

Year One Total: 28 credits
Year Two:  Summer Session (9 credits)
COU GR501 - Group Counseling and Psychotherapy (credits: 3)
COU CO500 - Consultation, Collaboration, and Community Partnerships (credits: 3)
COU LS659 - Lifespan Development (credits: 3)

Year Two: Fall Semester (12 credits)
COU CS610 - Internship Seminar I (credits: 2) 
COU FP622 - Internship in Global Mental Health I (credits: 0) 
COU GM511 - Fundamentals of Global Mental Health II (credits: 3) 
COU RS510 - Research and Evaluation in Psychology (credits: 3)
COU FX510 - Introduction to Family Therapy (credits: 3)
Elective (credits: 1)

Year Two: Spring Semester (11 credits)
COU CS611 - Internship Seminar II (credits: 2) 
COU FP623 - Internship in Global Mental Health II (credits: 0) 
COU SB515 - Substance Abuse Evaluation and Treatment (credits: 3) 
COU PR624 - Capstone Project Seminar (credits: 3) 
COU TR603 - Trauma Treatment: Advanced Topics (credits: 3) 

Year Two Total: 32 credits
Program Total: 60 credits

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