Course Sequence

Fall Semester

Complete a Concentration Declaration Form by October 15 and submit to
Enroll in ORG AC600 - Mental Health Disparities: Multicultural & Global Perspectives (credits: 2) 

Spring Semester (2 credits)
ORG AC620 - Introduction to African & Caribbean Mental Health (credits: 2) 

Summer Session I (1 credit)
One of the following courses: Summer Session II (0 credits)
Haiti, Kenya or Guyana Service Learning/Immersion Program

Additional Notes

  • Students in the ACMH Concentration will have 5 credits of their field placement work dedicated to the concentration and will graduate with 30 credits.
  • Submission of the Concentration Declaration Form means that these courses are now considered to be part of your required coursework, and are eligible for financial aid for those who qualify.
  • Students may complete the ACMH Concentration as a Major Area of Study which requires a total of 5 credits. Students must choose a Capstone Project in an area related to the content of the ACMH Concentration. Each Capstone Project topic needs to be approved by the ACMH Concentration Director.
  • All ACMH courses will be offered on Wednesday evenings (6:40-8:30 pm). 

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