Organizational & Leadership Psychology Department

Course Catalog

ORG HU675 - Action Research and Appreciative Inquiry
ORG LP740 - Adaptive Leadership and Immunity to Change
ORG LP741 - Adaptive Leadership and Resistance to Change
ORG LP741 - Adaptive Leadership and Resistance to Change -1
ORG LP737 - Adult Development
ORG LP704 - Advanced Dialogic Interventions
ORG LP703 - Advanced Integration of Leadership: Self and System
ORG LP910 - Advanced Leadership Fourth Year Seminar I
ORG LP716 - Advanced Leadership Seminar 1
ORG LP717 - Advanced Leadership Seminar 2
ORG LP730 - Advanced Leadership Seminar 3
ORG LP731 - Advanced Leadership Seminar 4
ORG LP917 - Advanced Leadership Seminar 5
ORG LP918 - Advanced Leadership Seminar 6
ORG OS900 - Advanced Organizational Psychology Seminar
ORG HE510 - American Higher Education: Past, Present, and Future
ORG FP730 - Applied Organizational Psychology
ORG FP731 - Applied Organizational Psychology (continued)
ORG PA650 - Assess, Interv and Eval Org Dev
ORG AC715 - Assessment & Treatment of Individuals of African and Caribbean Heritage
ORG EC525 - Assessment in Executive Coaching
ORG LP712 - Becoming a 21st Century Leader
ORG TM610 - Business Strategy and Organizational Life Cycle
ORG PR851 - Capstone 1
ORG PR852 - Capstone 2
ORG MP675 - Capstone Course
ORG PR850 - Capstone Course and Field Project
ORG PS675 - Capstone Seminar: Methodology in Higher Education
ORG MP610 - Cognitive Psychology and Media
ORG PS612 - Cognitive, Social, Career Development of College Students
ORG TR604 - Collective Trauma and Community Healing
ORG OP620 - Consulting Skills
ORG HE540 - Counseling I: College Student Development Theories in Higher Education
ORG HE545 - Counseling II: Theory and Practice in Higher Education
ORG LP745 - Creative Change and Transformational Leadership
ORG OP675 - Creative Problem Solving and Transformative Leadership
ORG AC700 - Cultural Foundations: The Experiences of African and Caribbean Groups in the U.S.
ORG RS700 - Demystify Dissertation: Preparing Doctoral Projects
ORG ST501 - Designing Organizations, Groups and Teams
ORG ST502 - Diagnosis, Intervention, and Evaluation in Organizational Development
ORG CC602 - Difference, Inclusion and Respect in Organizations
ORG LP904 - Dissertation
ORG LP801 - Doctoral Dissertation Design Seminar
ORG LP802 - Doctoral Project I
ORG LP919 - Doctoral Project II
ORG LP902 - Doctoral Project II: Leadership
ORG LP920 - Doctoral Project III
ORG LP914 - Empower, Excite, Engage: Leadership and Motivation
ORG LP705 - Ethics and Standards of Practice in Leadership
ORG EC571 - Executive Coaching Practicum
ORG EC575 - Executive Coaching Practicum and Supervision
ORG EC576 - Executive Coaching Practicum and Supervision (continued)
ORG EC565 - Executive Coaching Skills and Techniques
ORG EC500 - Executive Coaching; Principles, Theory and Practice
ORG EC523 - Executive Coaching; Principles, Theory and Practice (continued)
ORG OL601 - Exploring the Darkside of Leadership: Ethics and Power
ORG CS720 - Field Placement
ORG FP734 - Field Placement 1
ORG FP735 - Field Placement 2
ORG CS721 - Field Placement In Executive Coaching
ORG HE535 - Field Placement: HESPA
ORG HE536 - Field Placement: HESPA (continued)
ORG FP732 - Field Placement: MAOP
ORG FP733 - Field Placement: MAOP (continued)
ORG MP545 - Field Placement: Media
ORG MP546 - Field Placement: Media (continued)
ORG HU670 - Foundations of Appreciative Inquiry
ORG ST500 - Foundations of Organizational Development
ORG MP540 - From Entertainment to Educational Media: Development, Persuasion, and Marketing
ORG AC710 - Fundamentals of Global Mental Health
ORG MP520 - Global Media
ORG AC800 - Global Mental Health: Program Development & Evaluation
ORG CC564 - Haiti Service Learning & Cultural Immersion Experience
ORG HC001 - Health Coaching Principles and Practices
ORG HC002 - Health Coaching Skills and Techniques
ORG HE550 - Higher Education Leadership
ORG OL602 - Identifying High Performance Leaders: Assessment and Practicum
ORG LP742 - Immunity to Change in Organizations
ORG CP600 - Institution, Program, and Distance Learning Orientation
ORG LP803 - International Organizational Systems, Theory and Leadership
ORG LP915 - Internship 1
ORG LP916 - Internship 2
ORG FP617 - Internship in Community Mental Health II
ORG AC620 - Introduction to African & Caribbean Mental Health
ORG AC610 - Introduction to Global Mental Health
ORG EC501 - Introduction to Professional Executive Coaching
ORG LP767 - Leadership and Employee Well Being
ORG LP710 - Leadership and Followership: Theoretical Bases of Leadership
ORG LP710 - Leadership and Followership: Theoretical Bases of Leadership-1
ORG OP680 - Leadership and Strategic Thinking in Organizational Change
ORG OP600 - Leadership and the Use of Self
ORG LP711 - Leadership Development and the Use of the Self
ORG LP708 - Leadership of Educational Institutions
ORG LP713 - Leadership Pro-seminar: The Self and the System
ORG LP763 - Leadership, Use of Self, and Multicultural Competence
ORG LP912 - Leading Non Profits and NGOs
ORG CC560 - LMH Immersion Seminar
ORG MP535 - Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship
ORG AC600 - Mental Health Disparities: Multicultural & Global Perspectives
ORG AC600 - Mental Health Disparities: Multicultural & Global Perspectives-1
ORG ET670 - Multicultural and Trauma-Sensitive Expressive Arts Therapy
ORG MP510 - Narrative and Immersive Media
ORG LP811 - Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
ORG LP724 - Neuroanatomy
ORG LP750 - Neuroleadership
ORG LP758 - Neuroleadership Research Lab
ORG LP760 - Neuroscience and Leadership
ORG LP736 - Organization Development and Change
ORG LP728 - Organizational Assessment and Intervention
ORG PA550 - Organizational Assessment: Qualitative and Quantitative
ORG GR600 - Organizational Behavior: The Individual and Team
ORG EC521 - Organizational Development in Executive Coaching
ORG HU676 - Participatory Action Research and Appreciative Inquiry
ORG TM615 - Performance Development and Management Psychology and Training
ORG MP641 - Positive Psychology and Media
ORG EC561 - Practice Seminar in Executive Coaching
ORG LP753 - Practicum - Leadership in Business Organizations
ORG LP756 - Practicum - Leadership in Government and Public Sector
ORG LP755 - Practicum - Leadership in Health Care Organizations
ORG LP752 - Practicum - Leadership in Higher Education
ORG LP751 - Practicum - Leadership in K-12 Education
ORG LP754 - Practicum - Leadership in Non-Profit Organizations and NGOS
ORG LP715 - Practicum 1: Leadership
ORG LP718 - Practicum 2: Leadership
ORG LP719 - Practicum 3: Leadership
ORG LP720 - Practicum 4: Leadership
ORG HC005 - Practicum in Health Coaching
ORG OL603 - Principles and Practices of International Leadership
ORG LP761 - Process Consultation and Facilitation
ORG LP909 - Process Consultation and Facilitation Skills for OD Practitioners
ORG MP530 - Professional Orientation: 21st Century Media Psychology
ORG MP526 - Professional Orientation: 21st Century Media Psychology (Theory and Practice) and Year Long Field Project
ORG HE525 - Professional Orientation: 21st Century Student Personnel Administration
ORG LP913 - Promoting Community Resilience after Trauma
ORG OP650 - Proseminar
ORG MP650 - Proseminar in Media Psychology
ORG HC004 - Psychology of Health, Illness and Wellness
ORG HC003 - Psychology of Learning, Growth and Change in Adulthood
ORG LP725 - Qualitative Methods I
ORG LP735 - Qualitative Methods II
ORG LP723 - Qualitative Methods of Naturalistic Inquiry
ORG LP707 - Shaping School Culture
ORG LP812 - Shaping Your Consulting or Leadership Practice
ORG MP525 - Social Psychology and Media
ORG LP729 - Statistics 1: Survey Design and Analysis
ORG LP722 - Statistics 2: Quantitative Research Methods
ORG LP726 - Statistics and Research Methods I
ORG LP727 - Statistics and Research Methods II
ORG LP748 - Systems Approaches
ORG TM601 - Talent Acquisition and Management
ORG LP810 - Team and Group Development for Leaders
ORG OL606 - The Brain in Business: Neuroscience of Leadership
ORG LP706 - The Crux of School Leadership: Managing Dilemmas, Paradoxes, and Complexity
ORG HE620 - The Law and Higher Education
ORG LP764 - The Neurobiology of Leadership
ORG LP757 - The Neuroscience of Leadership
ORG HE520 - The Practice of Student Personnel Administration
ORG OL600 - The Psychology of 21st Century Leadership and Followership
ORG LP762 - The Psychology of Leadership and Followership
ORG LP786 - The Psychology of Racism and Discrimination

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