ORG PR850 - Capstone Course and Field Project

(Credits: 3)

Capstone Course (3 credits) This course includes the completion of a capstone project (research and application of relevant OP theory), comprehensive exams, and development of academic writing skills. Students present their projects in the weekend in residence. Comprehensive exams are given in August to ensure students have learned all necessary theory for competent practice as organizational psychologists in the field. Field Project (6 credits) Field Project Students will apply what they are learning and build their OD competencies through experience with an organization in the field. Students must complete 80 hours of field work in their current company, at a William James College field site or at another site that they contract with. The instructor will closely supervise all MAOP student FP projects as will their field site supervisor. Midpoint and final evaluations will be completed to hone learning and monitor student progress in the field.