Transfer of Credits

Students who have completed our Graduate Certificate of Executive Coaching, within five years of their graduation, are eligible to transfer 9 credits from the Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching (GCEC) program to the Master of Arts in Organizational Psychology (MAOP) program. The MAOP program is 30 credits. This will reduce the number of credits needed for graduation to 21 credits. Courses in MAOP and GCEC are both 3 credit courses. Available courses for transfer are listed below.

  1. ORG EC525 - Assessment in Executive Coaching transfer of credit for MAOP ORG PA550 - Organizational Assessment: Qualitative and Quantitative 
  2. ORG EC565 - Executive Coaching Skills and Techniques transfer of credit for MAOP ORG OP620 - Consulting Skills 
  3. ORG EC500 - Executive Coaching; Principles, Theory and Practice transfer of credit for MAOP ORG OP600 - Leadership and the Use of Self 

For more information, please contact Dr. Kathryn Stanley,

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