• Leadership PsyD Class

    Leadership Psychology students participating in the onsite residency.

  • Leadership PsyD Interaction

    Leadership Psychology students participating in the onsite residency.

  • Leadership PysD teacher

    Leadership Psychology students participating in the onsite residency.


Each student completes 600 hours of practicum and 300 hours of internship.

The integration of coursework with experience in the field is a William James College institutional hallmark. Consistent with this focus, practicum and internship work is an essential aspect of the PsyD curriculum. Throughout the program great care is exercised to match students with experiences that will enrich and enhance their classroom learning and promote their professional and personal development. The PsyD in Leadership Psychology offers courses that guide and help the students apply theory in real world situations and in doing so refine their understanding of the work in the field. Whether a student uses her/his own workplace, works at a William James College practicum site, or finds a client site on their own they are provided a mentor to assist them in furthering their competency development. Practicum/internship mentors are experienced organizational development psychologist practitioners working within William James College or at the Practicum site organization.

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Examples of Practicum Experiences

  • Leadership Development Interventions
  • Organizational Research and Assessment
  • Team Development
  • Change interventions
  • Training and development
  • Strategic Human Resources projects
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Evaluation
  • Research on an established grant supported project through William James College
  • Apprenticing with experts practicing in the field.
  • Face time presenting/facilitating/interacting with clients/client groups.

Specific examples of previous Practicums include:

  • Conducting an organization wide quantitative assessment to understand group and systems dynamics within a for profit/non-profit hybrid organization.
  • Organizational design assistance with an organizational assessment tool to measure vicarious trauma in emergency service organizations.
  • Assisting a university president with strategic planning and visioning for creating a three-year college option for low-income students.
  • Advising a mid-sized design firm on revamping its organizational development function.

Examples of William James College Practicum Sites:

  • M.I.T.
  • Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center
  • Beth Israel Deaconess
  • Transwestern
  • Comcast

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