The faculty in the Organizational and Leadership Psychology program are researchers and practitioners with expertise in organizational psychology, organizational development, systems thinking, leadership, and psychology. They work to advise and prepare you for your next steps.

"Our faculty are extremely knowledgeable and helpful as well as being genuinely caring people. The best kind of professor is the one whose positive influence extends beyond the academic."
- Arthur Serino, MA
Organizational Psychology student

Chair, Organizational and Leadership Psychology Department

Kathryn Stanley, MS, PhD

Director, Master of Arts in Organizational Psychology

Miranda Ralston, MS, PsyD

Core Faculty

Carlene Caldwell, MA
John D'Auria, EdD
Neesha Daulat, MEd, MA
Suzanne Devlin, PhD
Ara Haroutiounian, MS
Darlene Piva, MA, PsyD
Aprille Young, PsyD

Adjunct Faculty

Lianna Chong, MTS
Erika Heilman, MA
Jenny Petipas, MA
Lynne Richer, MA, EdD