Talent Management Concentration

The concentration in Talent Management provides students with an interest in 21st century human resource approaches to gain critical skills, practice, theory, and assessment training in this growing field. A specialization in the field of talent management prepares professionals to improve functionality in organizations through personnel development, and making  professionals a valuable resource in today's workforce. 

Students with the Talent Management concentration will follow a similar 30-credit curriculum as students enrolled in the MA in Organizational Psychology, found here. Students in this concentration will complete 3 courses in Talent Management (in lieu of 3 courses within the general Organizational Psychology curriculum) and focus their field project and Capstone work within talent management work.

Please note students are welcome to take the substituted General Organizational Psychology Courses in addition to their concentration, but this would incur an additional tuition fee (with a 50% discount for students who have completed their degree requirements).

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