Sampling of Organizational and Leadership Psychology Lectures

Learn more about our academic programs in our Organizational and Leadership Psychology Department by sampling our lectures below.  This is an opportunity to sample components of our distance learning delivery model.  Learn more about fully online programs, or explore the format of our blended delivery model.

Consultant Competencies
Lecture by Kathryn Stanley, PhD from our PsyD in Leadership PsyD Curriculum 
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Consulting to organizations is as much an art as it is a science. In her class, Leadership and Use of Self, Dr. Kathryn Stanley trains students in the competencies needed to help them gain expertise and comfort in the role of organizational change agents. In this lecture you will get an overview of the competencies needed as well as the key things Leadership and Organizational Psychologists are consulting to when they work with leaders, teams and whole systems to make them more effective.

Consultant Competencies Course Sampling

Perspectives on Organization
Lecture by Ara Haroutiounian, MS from our MA in Organizational Psychology
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In this lecture, Ara discusses his own perspective on organizations, common metaphors to describe organizations and organizational life and some assumptions that those common metaphors invoke and hold about organizations and people and organizational life and experiences.  As you listen, consider your own perspectives and some of the metaphors you use to describe organizations and compare and contrast them with the information shared here.

Perspectives on Organizations Sample Lecture

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