SCH FP602 - Practicum IV: Clinical Practice

(Credits: 2)

This seminar provides support for the concurrent second year (15 hour/week) school-based practicum, which provides continued opportunity to practice the skills and functions introduced in previous courses and in the School and Family Systems. The practicum seminar integrates the material learned in these courses with the practical aspects of providing treatment and educational interventions at the secondary level. Students are expected to be providing assessments, treatment and educational interventions in their school placements. Discussions address how to use the total available resources to provide mental health and academic benefits for students and their families, with a focus on data-based decision-making and the three-tiered model. The practicum seminar provides a forum for students to discuss complex cases that they encounter in the field from an ecological perspective. Additionally, students explore an area of special interest within the field of school psychology. Pre-requisite: FP601.