Time to Completion

For students entering with no prior graduate coursework

The complete 120* credit MA/CAGS/PsyD program will expectedly take 5-7 years to complete.  Students vary in the rate at which they complete program requirements.  A major determinant of rate of progress through the program is the extent to which the student is concurrently employed during the PsyD phase of the program.

For advanced standing students

William James College is committed to designing this program to be "school practitioner friendly" (i.e., compatible with employment in the schools) for advanced standing students who enter with a specialist level school psychology degree (e.g., MA/CAGS). A typical program would consist of 18-25 credits each year, divided fairly evenly between summer coursework (e.g., 4 courses in July and August, 2 or 3 credits each) and school year coursework (e.g., 2-3 courses each semester, 2 or 3 credits each).

Time required for program completion will depend upon the individual's program and course load. An individual's program could vary from 58 credits, (for graduates of William James College's MA/CAGS School Psychology Program) to about 75 credits (for an advanced standing student who enters with relatively few advanced standing credits). The maximum number of credits that may be transferred in from another institution is 56. In all cases, a student must either complete, or be afforded credit for, the 120-124 courses credits that constitute this program.

*For students completing the doctoral internship over two years, the total is 124 credits.

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