Non-Matriculating Application and Course Registration

Application and Registration is just one form: Non-Matric Application Form. Non-matriculation registration does not begin until after new and continuing student registration has been completed. A non-matriculated student may be bumped from a course if a seat is needed for a matriculated student. The final approval for a non-matriculated student registration into a course is the decision of the academic chair/director whom will be contacted by the Registrar's Office after a non-matriculated application/registration form has been received.

Refer to the Registrar's Calendar for class start dates and school closing information that may be located on the Registrar's office web page. Please click here to learn about tuition and fees for courses for a non-matriculated student. Please click here for currently offered courses.

Most courses may be taken for either academic credit or continuing education (CE) credit. Non-matriculating students who take courses for academic credit must meet all course requirements and will be evaluated on the same basis as matriculating students. Students who take courses for CE credit are not required to complete all course requirements, but instead complete a course evaluation to receive CE credit.

Refer to Student Policies to make sure you understand how to drop or withdraw from a course, along with any tuition refunds that may or may not apply. Student polices may be reviewed under the Academic Affairs web page.

If you are considering applying for admission to a program at William James College, please be aware that, while satisfactory performance as a non-matriculated student is a prerequisite to admission, it does not guarantee admission to a program. Students who plan to apply should note that applicants are allowed to have previously enrolled in no more than 4 courses while a non-matriculating student. Courses successfully taken by non-matriculating students may later be counted toward William James College program requirements, as transfer credit, provided that they are taken within the relevant time frame. Additional questions may be referred to either the Admissions at 617-564-9376, or the Registrar's Office at 617-327-6777 x1525.