District Wide Planning

About Our District Planning Services 

Our goal is to build district capacity. We partner with districts to connect professional development strategies with school improvement goals. We bring districts proven approaches that improve educator effectiveness leading to better outcomes for their students.

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Learning objectives are an essential part of any lesson plan and a district's vision and core values, along with the improvement plans, define the high level learning objectives for the educators. BHELS works with districts to assess how best to translate those objectives into a series of internally and externally-led professional development activities that will achieve the desired professional growth.

With limited time and money, districts must decide how to have the greatest possible impact from the initiatives they undertake. BHELS helps districts connect their professional development curricula and associated coaching and mentoring activities to support and increase the effectiveness of their investments. We also help schools with designing and implementing innovative ways to use time on learning.

By helping districts identify and leverage the strengths and human capital asset of the organization, and building additional capacity where needed, BHELS helps leaders throughout a district take ownership for sustaining and building upon successful initiatives while jettisoning those that are not having the desired impact. When learners take responsibility for their own learning, they achieve the highest levels of success.

In-District Programs

We have expertise in most areas of professional development and offer comprehensive programs tailored to the specific needs and context of a particular school or district. 

The most sustained, meaningful change happens when careful planning and follow up is employed. We take the time to discuss this approach with every district client, and efforts can be supported by job-embedded instructional coaching.

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Our consultants bring in-depth experience in a variety of areas including but not limited to administration and leadership, school culture, supervision and evaluation, family and community engagement, instructional support in core subject areas, differentiation, assessment and data, mentor training, and special education. Formats can be customized for a district or school and can be provided as half and full-day workshops, multi-day institutes, one to four credit graduate courses and embedded coaching.

We work with our clients to understand the needs and interests of the target audience, to define learning objectives, and to establish desired outcomes.

Programs are tailored to the particular context and culture of the classroom, school or district.

We capture feedback from all participants, as well as from those who planned the professional development, in order to assess the degree to which objectives were met. We work with the district to plan follow up steps around embedding the learning into practice in order to deepen the impact of the training.