Dear Playtime Families,

We hope you are well and keeping safe.  In compliance with the latest recommendations from the CDC, William James College will cancel all community groups, including Playtime.  We do not yet have a date of when the groups will resume, but we will remain in communication with you to let you know of any updates.

While these unprecedented times will likely cause some worries and concerns, please remember that to promote resilience, retaining a sense of hope and community are important.  Try to follow usual routines at home with your children, and continue to connect with friends and family by phone or virtually.  Play is a wonderful way to promote routines, safety and resilience, so continue to find ways to play and find joy with your family.  Singing songs, reading stories, looking through photos, going for walks and connecting with nature – all of these things promote continued curiosity, enrichment and creativity for children.  We at the Freedman Center will remain a part of your community – please check our website and Facebook pages for articles and updates.  

Stay well and keep playing!

Updated March 16, 3:30 pm EDT

FREE Fun Playtime!

Reconnect with old friends - and make new ones!

You and your child up to age 4, or your care-giver and child, are invited to join us for a fun, free, PLAYTIME! This is a great opportunity to play in a friendly, nurturing environment at: One Wells Ave - Ground Floor (directions). The Playtime will feature weekly themes, related parent tips, and fun for children up to age 4. SPACE IS LIMITED and admittance is on a first-come, first-served basis.*

Infant Only Playtime (0-12 mos):  10:30 am-12:00 pm
Mixed Ages (0-4 yrs): 2:30-4:00 pm 

Summer 2020 Session:
To be announced

Observation Notice for Families - the Freedman Center is a Training Site

To Parents/Guardians of Children Participating in Freedman Center Programs:
The Freedman Center for Child and Family Development at William James College is a training site for students in our Child Studies Program. For educational purposes only, some of the groups or classes at The Freedman Center will be observed by graduate students of William James College as part of their study of child and family development. No individuals in the groups or classes will be identified by name in these observations and no research papers will be produced as a result of these observations. When an observation is taking place, the graduate student observers will be introduced to the group or class before observing behind the observation window.

*Space is limited

There are a limited number of children that can participate in Playtime. In order to allow access to as many people as possible, we have made admittance on a first-come, first-served basis. Once capacity has been reached for that day, we will place a sign on the door stating so. If this happens to you, please feel free to come the next week as we want everyone interested to be able to participate! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at or 617-332-3666 x1250.

FREE Support Groups

Free Support Groups