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For additional resources, including a collection of materials for parents curated by school psychologists and a list of virtual and at-home activities, please visit the Parenting Resources page of this Hub. 

COVID19 Resources

Social Justice and Advocacy Resources 

Teachers21 at William James College

Teachers21 at William James College is a non-profit organization edicated to improving the professional practice of Pre-K through grade 12 educators and to creating supportive schools where students and adults are able to learn, grow and achieve. Online resources and training opportunities are available

Richard I. and Joan L. Freedman Center for Child and Family Development

The Freedman Center was established to help connect children and families with appropriate information, providers and resources  to serve their mental health and wellness needs. Learn more about Community Education for parents, educators, employee groups, and the general public offered by the Freedman Center.  Many programs that at traditionally offered on site can be offered virtually. 

Please see our "Public Events Calendar" page for free, open events, webinars, and educational opportunities. 

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