13 617-244-1682 | 888-244-6843 | ce@williamjames.edu Master Series in Clinical Practice The Healing Power of the Therapist’s Presence: Holding Self-energy even with Triggering Clients Richard Schwartz, PhD, instructor Friday, June 15, 2018 9:00 am – 4:30 pm There are clients you love working with—you look forward to seeing them and admire their courage. You are consistently in a state of loving kindness with them and their sense of that is a big element in their healing. Then there are the clients that get to you. They are passive, or angry, uncooperative or resistant. They see you through distorted lens or engage in dangerous behaviors. You sense that your strong reactions to them are not that useful but you can’t help it. You find yourself getting into power struggles or dreading their sessions and feeling impotent. Actually those clients are your best teachers—your tor-mentors—because they bring up in you what you need to heal. IFS offers a unique and effective approach both to handling such “countertransference,” and helping you access and maintain an open-hearted, confident, calm and curious presence with clients throughout their treatment. This presence—what IFS calls Self-energy—is healing in and of itself. Your ability to hold this presence will help clients regardless of your therapeutic approach. Correspondingly, when you lose this presence your clients will sense it and will suffer for it. In this workshop I will not only discuss in depth this process but through exercises and videos you will be able to see and experience it in action. This ability to remain Self-led with all your clients will make you love being a therapist. MS102 | 6 CE/CME Credits A Heart Shattered and the Unlived Life Martha Stark, MD, instructor Friday, June 22, 2018 9:00 am – 4:30 pm Patients who have never fully confronted— and grieved—the pain of their early-on heartbreak cling to their hope that perhaps, someday, the “object of their desire” will be forthcoming. But there are others who, because of catastrophically shattering early-on disappointments and losses, withdraw from the “world of objects”—only to find themselves then overwhelmed with a terrifying sense of alienation, existential angst, and harrowing loneliness. Instead of “relentless hope,” they experience “relentless despair.” Clinical vignettes will be offered that speak to how the therapist, ever attuned to the patient’s intense ambivalence about “remaining hidden vs. being found,” can facilitate the emergence of “moments of authentic meeting” that will restore purpose, meaning, and direction to an existence that was otherwise desolate, impenetrable, and empty. MS103 | 6 CE/CME Credits Assessment and Effective Treatment of Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders Mark J. Albanese, MD, instructor Friday, June 29, 2018 9:00 am – 4:30 pm This workshop will present a comprehensive approach to the multidimensional assessment of people who present with a potential SUD. In addition, the workshop will provide an overview of treatment, including levels of care, and both medication and non-medication components of care (and how these components are integrated). Areas of special focus will be: assessment and treatment of co-occurring SUD and mental health disorders; and treatment of opioid use disorders. MS104 | 6 CE/CME Credits All of the Master Series programs will take place at William James College, 1 Wells Avenue, Newton, MA 02459