16 Register Online at www.williamjames.edu/ce Psychoanalytic Studies The Center for Psychoanalytic Studies @William James College The Transformative Power of Optimal Stress: From Cursing the Darkness to Lighting a Candle Long intrigued by the idea that superimposing an acute injury on top of a chronic one is sometimes exactly what the body needs in order to heal, Martha has come to appreciate that, so too with respect to the mind, the therapeutic provision of “optimal stress”—against the backdrop of an empathically attuned and authentically engaged therapy relationship—is sometimes the magic ingredient needed to overcome the inherent resistance to change so frequently manifested by clients with longstanding emotional injuries and scars. In this core course, Martha will demonstrate the transformative power of “superimposed” optimally stressful psychotherapeutic interventions specifically designed “to precipitate disruption in order to trigger repair.” Program Co-Directors Martha Stark, MD Andrea Celenza, PhD Distinguished Faculty & Visiting Scholars Salman Akhtar, MD Lew Aron, PhD Beatrice Beebe, PhD Jessica Benjamin, PhD Patrick Casement, MA Andrea Celenza, PhD Darlene Bregman Ehrenberg, PhD Glen O. Gabbard, MD Jay R. Greenberg, PhD Adrienne Harris, PhD Edgar A. Levenson, MD Joseph Lichtenberg, MD Karlen Lyons-Ruth, PhD Nancy McWilliams, PhD Allan N. Schore, PhD Evelyne A. Schwaber, MD Martha Stark, MD Donnel Stern, PhD Drew Westen, PhD The Center for Psychoanalytic Studies @ William James College is an exciting online CE "fellowship" program specifically designed to bring together licensed mental health professionals and other qualified individuals interested in pursuing an innovative and rigorous course of study in psychoanalytic psychotherapy with a distinguished national and international faculty. The focus will be on interweaving the most current theoretical advances in psychoanalytic thought with best practices in the clinical domain. Our state-of-the-art training model will allow students from anywhere in the world and from the comfort of one's own office/home to participate in these enriching and stimulating continuing education activities taught by our Distinguished Psychoanalytic Faculty. Students will have the opportunity to customize their own learning experience by combining one or both of our intensive Core Courses (18 CE Credits each) with a broad range of exceptional Luminary Lectures (1 CE Credit each), as described below. Please visit www.williamjames.edu/ppp to learn more details about these unique opportunities. Core Courses Martha Stark, MD Online: April 2-29, 2018 PPP18-1 18 CE Credits $450