18 Register Online at www.williamjames.edu/ce Narrative, Meaning, and Motivation: From Theory to Technique An online lecture taught by Joseph D. Lichtenberg, MD, which proposes that narratives are the building blocks of the development of the human psyche, and that through narratives, lived experiences are organized more holistically than conventionally portrayed. The lecture presents an expanded view that infants themselves form many stories from their own micro experiences and ends with how the role of narratives can be applied to clinical practice. LS18-3 | 1 CE Credit | $45 Creativity in Psychotherapy: An Adaptive Function of the Right Brain Unconscious An online lecture taught by Allan N. Shore, PhD, which focuses on integrating neuroscience and psychoanalysis, in order to understand creativity, the role of the right hemisphere in the brain, and how they both apply to psychotherapy. LS18-4 | 1 CE Credit | $45 Contributions of Infant Research to Adult Treatment: Development and Therapeutic Action An online lecture taught by Frank Lachmann, PhD, which focuses on understanding a model of development, from a psychoanalytic perspective, and discusses implications for psychopathology and treatment in adult clients. LS18-5 | 1 CE Credit | $45 Working at the Intimate Edge An online lecture taught by Darlene Bregman Ehrenberg, PhD, which focuses on introducing and exploring the concept of the intimate edge. The lecture explores ways in which providers could use their own experiences to help engage patients in their clinical practice. LS18-6 | 1 CE Credit | $45 Relational Freedom An online lecture taught by Donnel Stern, PhD, which explores the concept of unformulated experience and identifies dissociative experiences as a subset of unformulated experience. The lecture explores unformulated experience as a process of emergence and introduces the concept of relational freedom, tying it back to how it affects clinical practice. LS18-7 | 1 CE Credit | $45 Contrasting Psychodynamic Approaches to Hysterical & Obsessive-Compulsive Personalities An online lecture taught by Glen O. Gabbard, MD, which focuses on understanding the criteria for different personality disorders, specifically histrionic, hysterical, and obsessive compulsive. The lecture contrasts the psychodynamic approaches to these personality disorders and addresses the challenges that occur when using Dynamic Psychotherapy in treating those with histrionic, hysterical, or obsessive-compulsive personalities. LS18-8 | 1 CE Credit | $45 Psychoanalytic Studies | Luminary Lectures