23 617-244-1682 | 888-244-6843 | ce@williamjames.edu 23 617-244-1682 | 888-244-6843 | ce@williamjames.edu Blended Families and Stepfamilies Meeting the Challenges of ‘Blended Family’ Relationships Whether you work with adults or children, with individuals, couples, or families, and/or you would like to offer a support group aimed at stepfamilies, these engaging and prac- tical workshops will give you the training you need to be effective and helpful. Both workshops are appropriate for clinicians, school and court personnel, clergy, and others involved with “blended families” . What it takes to make a strong stepfamily is very dif- ferent from what works in a first-time family. Furthermore, using what you know about first-time families as a guide all too often leads both stepfamily members and those who want to help them, badly astray. The dilemma is that few helping professionals receive any training in the complex dynamics and intense challenges of stepfamily relationships. Nor do stepfamily members themselves have access to good, evidence-based information about what works (and what doesn’t). This, despite the fact that 42% of all Americans have a close step relationship! These workshops are being offered separately; however, because they complement each other, we encourage you to consider taking both. Surviving and Thriving in ‘Blended Families’: Clinical Skills for Individual, Couple and Family Therapists Patricia L. Papernow, EdD, instructor Thursday, June 14, 2018 | 9:00 am – 5:00 pm This workshop will teach you how to recognize and work with the five major challenges stepfamilies face. It is primarily for therapists; however it will be useful to all who are in a position to be helpful to stepfamilies (including school personnel, medical personnel, religious leaders, etc.). Dr. Papernow will teach you how to help stepcouples maintain connection in the face of constant attachment ruptures, and how to work with the intense triggering we often see in these families. You will learn how adults can help children make this major transition, how successful stepparenting differs from parenting, tips for managing discipline, how stepfamilies build a sense of ‘we’ , and guidelines for co-parenting with an ex-spouse. This workshop will give you detailed, evidence-based guidelines and tools for effectively working with stepfamily challenges on three different levels: Psychoeducational, interpersonal and intrapsychic. STEP1 | 6 CE credits | $240 Offering Family Life Education for Stepfamilies as Primary Prevention Francesca Adler-Baeder, PhD, instructor Friday, June 15, 2018 | 9:00 am – 5:00 pm and Saturday, June 16, 2018 | 9:00 am – 1:00 pm This workshop, will focus on educational approaches to building strengths in stepfamilies. Dr. Adler-Baeder will orient you to the highly effective, 6-session group educational program, Smart Steps for Stepfamilies, Embrace the Journey. This program can be adapted to a wide variety of populations and purposes. It is designed with parallel lessons for both couples and children in stepfamilies. Federally-funded research has confirmed the program’s effectiveness across a broad range of educational levels, distress levels, and ethnic groups. Whether you would like to lead a Smart Steps program, or you just want to learn more about resources for stepfamilies, Dr. Adler-Baeder’s training will give all participants a rich array of well- designed, evidence-informed materials and resources. It will also enable participants to lead a Smart Steps program in their area. In addition, Dr. Adler-Baeder will provide an overview of other available psycho-educational materials for stepfamilies. STEP2 | 12 CE credits (which includes a 2-hour online prerequisite) $400 (lunch will be provided on Saturday) We recommend purchase of the Smart Steps program leaders guide for attendees. It is offered to attendees at a 45% discount price of $110 (regular price $199). Call Teresa Wagner at 334-707-2090 to purchase your copy at this discounted price, which will be shipped to you. STEP1 $240 6 CE credits STEP2 $400 12 CE credits (includes 2 hours of online prerequisite) STEP1 & STEP2 $600 18 CE credits