9 617-244-1682 | 888-244-6843 | ce@williamjames.edu Register Online at www.williamjames.edu/ce The Brenner Center has a long history of providing quality neuropsychological assessments to individuals across the life span. In addition to our general testing, we now offer three specialty programs. Rapid Response Psychological Testing Service (RRPTS) provides psychological, educational, and neuropsychological assessment reports with a quick turn-around rate designed to meet the needs of private, independent schools for IQ testing prior to admission; test for learning difficulties and/or the need for “accommodations” in testing (SAT); make determinations of “gifted” students and “twice-exceptional” students, as well as inform parents’ decisions about the best school setting, curriculum, and educational plan for their child. We take Blue Cross/ Blue Shield or offer a flat fee ($1,750-$3,000) and provide a detailed receipt for your insurance company. Neurodevelopmental Assessment Service for Young Children (NYC) offers specialized, indi- vidually tailored assessments for very young children to answer questions around developmental disorders (autism), developmental delays, emotional difficulties (e.g., anxiety), and learning differ- ences (learning challenges, gifted status, and twice-exceptional status) and provide recommenda- tions tailored to optimize your child’s potential. We take Blue Cross/Blue Shield or offer a flat fee ($1,750-$3,000) and provide a detailed receipt for you to submit to your insurance company. SageMind is a state of the art cognitive health program aimed at sustaining and enhancing memory and thinking as we age. We offer an individualized action plan (based on a compre- hensive neurocognitive assessment together with a metabolic and lifestyle health evaluation) to maximize memory and thinking and mini- mize risk for common diseases of aging (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease). The cost of participation is $1,750. For more information, please find us at SageMindHealth.org or write us at SageMind@WilliamJames.edu. Call us at 617-327-6777 x2283 for more information. Community Service Centers Freedman Center for Child and Family Development The Freedman Center offers unique programs and valuable services to address the mental health and wellness needs of children, youth, adults and families. We work together with parents, educators, and mental health professionals, creating individualized opportunities to promote mental wellness and prevent mental illness. Freedman Center Programs FREE Support Groups for Parents • FREE Weekly Playtime • School-based Primary Project • Referral Service • Training and Technical Assistance For more information please visit: freedman.williamjames.edu Brenner Center for Psychological Assessment and Consultation