36th Annual Meeting of the Society for Descriptive Psychology

October 01, 2014

At this years's, The 36th Annual Meeting of the Society for Descriptive Psychology, eight current or former William James College students will be presenting their work. In addition, Eben Lasker will serve on the Society's Board of Directors as a Student/Young Professional Representative.

Alum: Anna Berin, Eben Lasker and Aimee Yermish

Current students: Al Ossorio, Bryan Harnsberger, Jason Backstrom, Matthew Kobs and Zack Delcambre. 

For the last six years, with the generous support of The Society of Descriptive Psychology and William James College, many of our students have presented works in progress or completed work, usually their Doctoral Projects, at the Annual Conference in Golden, Colorado. Members of the Society have also served as consultants in the participant's ongoing work. 

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