Boston Business Journal: Colleges struggle to meet demand for mental health services

President Nick Covino pens op-ed on college mental health, "We must make mental health access an equal priority."

December 09, 2019

In an opinion piece published by the Boston Business Journal, President Nick Covino wrote that while "the quality of treatment outcomes, and the acceptance of mental health care in this nation... have never been higher," the availability of qualified providers remains critically low.

According to Covino, on college campuses,"Young people in need of mental health treatment are overwhelming the counseling centers... creating huge administrative and societal problems. When these kids go untreated, they often drop out of school, which poses a financial problem for schools and a decline in the country’s educated workforce."

However, he wrote, "these problems are eminently fixable." Read "Op-ed: Colleges struggle to meet demand for mental health services" in the Boston Business Journal (Dec. 5).