Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

May 17, 2017

William James College celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Here is a sample of our scholarly projects focused on Asian topics by our students:

  • The Experience of Racial Microaggression Among Older Asian Americans by Emeral Huang (2017)
  • Exploratory Study on Motivational Attitude Differences Towards Exercise Between South Koreans and Caucasian Americans by Jung-Yang Lin (2017)
  • Pathway to Jihadist Terrorism: A Critical Literature Review by Breanna Bussel (2017)
  • Continuous Traumatic Stress, Attachment Style and Parenting Style for Jewish-Israeli Parents in Israel and the United States by Kineret Kandelker (2016)
  • Coping with Ethnic Microaggression in Chinese Immigrants by Weiyen Chung; Discussant: Yun S. Wang, PsyD. (2016). Please click here to watch the presentation.
  • Experiences of Bilingualism and Ethnic Identity Development Among 1.5-Generation Chinese American Young Adults by Yun Wang (2014)
  • The impact of orthography upon neuropsychological testing performance: A comparison of Korean and English native speakers by Angela Pang (2014)
  • Traditional Chinese Parenting versus Western Authoritarian Parenting: Differences in Children's Perceptions by Juliana Tseng (2013)
  • Assessing shifts in Israeli and Palestinian adolescents' prejudicial attitudes: The Artsbridge Institute's reflective dialogue and arts training program by Jenna Scott (2013)
  • The Experience of Iraqi Refugees in Jordan and the USA Comparative Study by Noor Amawi (2012)
  • A psycho-educational program for Asian immigrant families with adolescents addressing acculturation gap, communication, and conflict resolution by Juliana Yoo (2011)
  • Leveling the playing field: First generation Korean American males and school based extracurricular activities by Corey Levy (2010)
  • The experiences of Chinese immigrant parents raising children in the United States by Aileen Lee (2009)
  • The acculturation experience of adult Iranian immigrants in the United States by Neda Khodaparast (2008)
  • Bhutanese refugees 15 years later: A study on the effects of trauma among women who are survivors of torture by Luna Acharya (2008)
  • Attitudes of female Iranian immigrants toward seeking psychological help as a function of acculturation by Shirin Khanideh (2007)
  • Role conflicts between the traditional identity and professional identity of Indian women psychologists by Linda Daniels (2006)
  • Single Thai women's experience of immigration to the United States by Rose Andrejczyk (2004)