Benaree Wiley to Speak at William James College 38th Commencement

May 31, 2018

We were honored to have Benaree Wiley, principal of the Wiley Group deliver our 38th Commencement Address. Read more about Benaree Wiley’s accomplishments, as well as the additional honorees at the 2018 Commencement by reading the full announcement on the Newton Patch.

During the 2018 Commencement, we awarded honorary degrees to Rev. Drs. Ray Hammond and Gloria White-Hammond for their dedication to improving the lives of at-risk youth and to Dr. Ethan Pollack for his profound impact on the William James College community. Read more about their accomplishments, as well as that of this year’s speaker, Benaree Wiley, in this announcement on the Boston Patch.