Children Empowerment Workshop

August 14, 2018

On July 31, 2018, as a function of our ongoing collaborative partnership with the Sherjoy Daycare, Playgroup, and Nursery in Guyana, our team of 6 psychology and mental health counseling graduate students (Marie Berthonia Antoine, Cydney Victoria Branch, April Dawn Clayton, Sohenga C. Depestre, Damon A. Pryor, Arianna Lynn Slotnick) and Dr. Natalie Cort conducted a 3-hour Empowering Children Workshop. The workshop was adapted from the empirically-supported Parenting Skills Workshop Series© (Bailey, Perkins, & Wilkins, 1995) and the Kenyan Education Empowerment Project (Fialkov, 2016), to present basic parenting skills in a hands-on learning format suitable for any level of literacy. This workshop has proved successful with a broad audience and is appropriate for parents, guardians and community members interested in improving the way they relate to children. Participants were provided with methods to effectively encourage children’s self-confidence, identify children’s evolving character strengths, redirect children’s behavior, gain constructive limit-setting techniques, and manage frustration effectively.