Leadership Hacks, Season 3, Episode 1: Key Things All Nonprofit Leaders Need to Know

November 13, 2017

Dr. Tuesday Cooper, Director, Leading Nonprofits and Nongovernmental Organization concentration in the Leadership Psychology PsyD program.

A key challenge for any leader is how to navigate the unwritten rules of organizational life. Nonprofit leaders also have to understand the implicit rules of the communities they serve and how to collaborate with them in order to be successful. Tune in to hear Dr. Tuesday Cooper’s take on the key things all nonprofit leaders need to know. Dr. Cooper has been working with leaders to build their skills for 15 years. Many of the leaders she has trained have gone on to create and/or lead successful small non profit, community based, grassroots and social innovator organizations. Dr. Cooper is also the Director of our Leading Nonprofits and Nongovernmental Organizations concentration in our Leadership Psychology doctoral degree here at William James College.