Leadership Hacks, Season 3, Episode 2: The Role of Post Traumatic Growth After Adversity in Military Veterans

December 13, 2017

Aprille Young, fourth year Leadership Psychology doctoral candidate.

Join us to learn from fourth year Leadership Psychology doctoral candidate Aprille Young about her research on post traumatic growth. Aprille is in the process of creating a check point system between deploying and reintegrating US military personnel. This system would be a single segment of a much larger intervention strategy dedicated to the psychological health, empowerment, stability, and reintegration of men and women in the military. It’s often assumed that all members of the military come away with Post Traumatic Stress. Research shows this is not the case and is an example of how we negatively stigmatize our veterans. In this podcast, Aprille will discuss the findings that many service people exposed to adversity experience the opposite of PTST, Post Traumatic Growth. Aprille’s doctoral work delves into how the awareness of Post Traumatic Growth can change the stigmatization of those who have experienced trauma.