School Psychology Department Chair Conducts First National Survey of Supervision and Mentoring Practices for Early Career School Psychologists

November 05, 2015

Dr. Arlene Silva (center) presenting her research with two of her co-authors, Dr. Meaghan Guiney (left) and Dr. Daniel Newman (right)

Dr. Arlene Silva, Chair of the School Psychology Department at William James College, served as Principal Investigator of the first-ever national survey of supervision and mentoring practices of Early Career School Psychologists. Dr. Silva and her research team found that the majority of survey respondents did not have access to professional supervision, and nearly a third of Early Career School Psychologists reported feeling pressure to practice outside their boundaries of competence as a result. This research has been accepted for publication in Psychology in the Schools, a top journal within the field:

Silva, A., E., Newman, D. S., Guiney, M. C., Valley-Gray, S., Barrett, C. A. (in press). Supervision and mentoring for early career school psychologists: Availability, access, structure, and implications. Psychology in the Schools.