William James College Resource Hub

At the core of the William James College mission is an ongoing social responsibility to create programs that educate specialists in many disciplines to meet the evolving mental health needs of society. 

The William James College Resource Hub offers a collection of materials created by WJC community members, or gathered from reputable sources and curated by WJC faculty and staff for the benefit of the greater community. Through the Resource Hub, we aim to provide training tools for mental health professionals and our partners; materials for educators; resources for parents seeking ways to engage children on important topics and on educational play at home; and, of course, mental health resources for those who need support. 

Launched at the outset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, this collection of materials was established in response to calls for a better way to find information and quality mental health resources. The collection has evolved to meet additional needs. If you don't see a category listed here, and you think it's an area where we could help, let us know.  To suggest or request other resources, please use the form on the FAQ page of the College’s COVID-19 Information pages.