#IIdentifyStrengths by Melissa Morrison

Clinical Psychology, PsyD

1) What inspired you to pursue your degree?

“My advisor, my professors, and my mentors have all gone the extra mile to make sure I get the most out of my degree.”I have always loved working with people. All of my previous jobs involved working with people in some sort of way. I also have always been fascinated with the field of psychology and how the human brain works. When I was in college I saw a gap in college counseling centers specifically. I decided to pursue my Masters in Mental Health Counseling to contribute to the field in the way I felt I was most capable. At the end of my degree I realized that to achieve my career goals and to make the impact that I desired, I would need to continue pursuing clinical psychology at the doctoral level.

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2) Describe your experience at William James College?

My time at William James College has been unique compared to some of my classmates who came in as traditional first year students. I started as a second year, at the advanced standing level due to my previously earned Master’s degree. William James College was able to accommodate my level of training and accepted many of the credits I received during my Master’s degree. This ease of transition made pursuing my degree at William James College even more worth it. This set the general theme of how my time would be here. My advisor, my professors, and my mentors have all gone the extra mile to make sure I get the most out of my degree. I have been challenged in the most creative ways that I didn't think a graduate school could provide. I've been given the confidence that I'll excel in my career path once I graduate. There's no better relief than that as a graduate student.

3) What do you envision doing in your career post-graduation?

I fully intend on pursuing a job in college counseling. I have worked in college counseling for 2 years and at the end of consortium internship experience, I will have worked in college counseling for four years total. I intend to work as a clinical therapist with undergraduate and graduate students specifically within the setting of a college counseling center. 10 years into my career, I hope to mix in some private practice work but to also try my hand at working as an Assistant Director of the college counseling center itself or to be the Director of Training for interns of college counseling centers. The theme here is definitely college counseling, but I hope to sort of bounce around as opportunities arise to expand my experience as much as I can to see where my true fit is within that system.

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Melissa #IIdentifyStrengths
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