Discussion Groups: DEI and Anti

In this time of racial reckoning, are schools and districts accurately focused on students of color and their mental health?  At the same time, are schools and districts assuming that white students do not need support?  How can schools and districts be sure to effectively identify, acknowledge and provide support for students of color and resist automatically filtering out white students?   How can schools and districts effectively recognize trauma in all students so that one student population is not overrepresented and the other is assumed to not need support?

Equity flourishes when access points have been clarified, checked and protocols exist to ensure effective execution. The post-pandemic period offers an opportunity to expand thinking about implicit biases and stereotypes and time to engage in self-reflection activities about what practices, protocols or policies exist (and have always existed) that create barriers for historically-marginalized student populations. This conference will explore discussion themes around DEI and Antiracism.