• Happy Black History Month

    Happy Black History Month

    William James College is committing itself to develop programs aimed at increasing the number of Black professionals in Organizational Leadership and Mental Health.

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  • Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2016

    Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2016

    Become a part of the solution with a career in psychology.

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  • Introducing William James College

    Introducing William James College

    On May 7, 2015, the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology officially became William James College.

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  • Expand Your Job Portfolio

    Expand Your Job Portfolio

    A PsyD in School Psychology enhances your capacity to assume positions of leadership and roles involving advanced knowledge and skills.

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  • Advance Your Career

    Advance Your Career

    Earn Your Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology without leaving your job or relocating.

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  • The William James College Community

    The William James College Community

    Take a Glimpse into the William James College Community.

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We are an independent graduate college of psychology that educates culturally sensitive professionals to improve the mental health of individuals and organizations. Emphasizing experiential education we attract developing professionals eager to become leaders and to advance mental health care.

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