Clinical Health Psychology Concentration

Clinical Health Psychology is a burgeoning area within the field of Clinical Psychology. Clinical Health Psychologists apply psychological theory and applications to assisting individuals and families living with chronic and life threatening illness, aiding individuals making life style changes to improve their health, health maintenance, health promotion, maintenance and primary prevention of illness. Clinical Health psychologists work with diverse patients and in diverse settings including psycho-oncology, cardiac health psychology, pain and rehabilitation settings, pediatrics including childhood obesity, juvenile diabetes, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, sickle cell anemia, and asthma to name a few, geriatric health, smoking cessation and primary prevention of HIV/AIDS.

William James College offers a pre-doctoral specialty concentration in Clinical Health Psychology. Students apply in the fall semester of their second year of the program, and formally enter the program in the beginning of year three.

The Clinical Health Psychology concentration consists of seven pre-requisites and three core courses. In addition to participating in a sequence of three seminars in Clinical Health Psychology, students will complete a pre-doctoral internship in Clinical Health Psychology and conduct a doctoral project in Clinical Health Psychology.

Pre-doctoral Internship in Clinical Health Psychology

Internships will be at an approved Clinical Health Psychology setting. At least 51% of the training experience will be in Clinical Health Psychology and will include clinical work, supervision and seminar(s). William James College students are currently placed at cancer hospitals, pediatric burn hospitals, and at neighborhood health centers.

Doctoral Project

Students are required to complete a Doctoral Project in Clinical Health Psychology under the supervision of one of the Clinical Health Psychology faculty.

Upon completion of all requirements, the student will receive a certificate indicating achievement of the pre-doctoral training program in Clinical Health Psychology at William James College.

Allyson Cherkasky, PhD
Carolyn Rabin, PhD
Nancy Frumer Styron, JD, PsyD
Ricardo Bianco, PsyD
Stanley J. Berman, PhD

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