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Please join us for an online continuing education program.  We are now offering three courses for 1 CE credit for psychologists, RNs and educators. The fee for each course is $15 and the course can be completed online.  Course offerings are below.  If you have questions, please contact ce@williamjames.edu.

Early Identification and Treatment of Anxiety and Mood Disorders in Early Adolescents

Nadja N. Reilly, PhD, instructor

This program focuses on three major components of understanding and treating these disorders. First, a thorough presentation of early symptomatology will be presented, from a developmental and contextual perspective. Suggestions will be offered for screening. The associations between anxiety and depression and behavioral and functional sequelae will be discussed, again within the multiple contexts of family and school. Second, specific treatment techniques will be discussed and highlighted via case studies. The third component focuses on prevention information, especially within the school context.

Specific learning objectives:

  • Describe the symptoms of child/adolescent depression from a developmental perspective.
  • Discuss links between depression and other disorders in adolescence, including anxiety, substance use and self-injury.
  • Review updated information about suicide in adolescents.
  • Review treatment updates and prevention efforts aimed at reducing depression in early adolescents.
  • Explore tips for working with early adolescents struggling with anxiety and mood disorders.

Program Code: AMD14-3
1 CE Credit for psychologists, RNs and educators
Please Note: This program is not approved for social worker and LMHC CE credits.
Fee: $15
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Managing Parenting through Divorce

Robin Deutsch, PhD, instructor 

When parents separate or divorce, mental health professionals are often asked to become involved to treat the child, treat the parent or work with either or both parents on parenting through and after divorce.  There are specific foci of intervention when working with parents and children during the process of and post divorce.  Mental health professionals need to be aware of the special competencies required to work with clients during this process and of the ethical and legal issues that may arise. Participants will learn about the roles of a mental health professional with clients experiencing divorce, effective parenting factors during and after divorce, ways in which legal processes may affect clients and risk management strategies. 

Specific learning objectives:

  • Explain differences between clinical and forensic roles
  • Discuss key research-based foci of interventions with parents
  • Identify risk management strategies when dealing with families going through a divorce

Program Code: MPD14-4
1 CE Credit for psychologists, RNs and educators
Please Note: This program is not approved for social worker and LMHC CE credits.
Fee: $15
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Working with Families of Military and Veterans

Jaine Darwin, PsyD, instructor

This program provides an overview of how to work with family members of military and veterans who have served in a combat zone. Information is provided regarding the demographics of the population and kinds of problems seen in both family members and veterans. It discusses interventions intended to prevent the development of mental health problems and how to identify problems when they occur. The program also addresses the stigmas of seeking mental health services and offers recommendations for treatment.

Specific learning objectives:

  • Discuss the scope to which family members are impacted by military service and the return of a relative in a combat zone
  • dentify modes of support and intervention, including psycho-education, training gatekeepers and direct treatment
  • Describe the need for cultural competency for clinicians working with families of military and veterans

Program Code: FMV14-5
1 CE Credit for psychologists, RNs and educators
Please Note: This program is not approved for social worker and LMHC CE credits.
Fee: $15
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