Office of the Registrar

The Registrar's Office staff works to provide 24/7 access to our forms and information through our web site. We work to serve all of our customers in a timely manner, ensuring accuracy, collection of complete information on the students that are currently attending William James College, along with information on our new incoming students. In the column on the left you will find the links to all of our office forms. There are also additional information and instructional documents in the listing. The office is the guardian of student historic academic information and provides official academic transcripts. Transcript Request forms may be found in " Forms" under "General Information." Information concerning how to request an official transcript may be found in " Information & Instructions" under "General Information."

The office is responsible for:

  • Posting the academic calendar
  • Posting of academic policies
  • Posting the current course schedule
  • Providing instructional information for the academic processes and procedures
  • Posting and providing information on FERPA (federal regulations that protects student academic information)
  • Production of Official Academic Transcripts
  • Assistance with semester course registrations
  • Performs final degree audits for certification of degrees and certificates
  • Attendance certification
  • Changes for student names and demographic information
  • Reservations for special events
  • Change of student status, withdrawals, leave of absence, and reinstatements
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Our College Catalog is comprised of the following documents:

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Office of the Registrar

Sonji Paige

Anna Lyons
Associate Director, Contracts &  Project Manager, Registrar’s Office