Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Human Services Completion Program

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The Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Human Services is a bachelor's completion program. Individuals with an AA or AS degree or with 45 undergraduate semester credits from an accredited college or university can apply to study for their Bachelor's degree in a work friendly three-year program. The degree program is a blended model with a combination of online courses and 1-2 Saturdays per month for an on-campus course. The program is designed in a cohort model so that students have a learning group that accompanies them throughout their matriculation.

William James College seeks to assist students in further developing their careers and to add to their competitiveness for more rewarding and better paying careers in mental health and human services. This program seeks to contribute to developing a diverse work force as the entire community benefits when providers are from the many communities that comprise our country.

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Program Highlights
  • Outstanding Faculty offer academic advising and career mentoring.
  • Our program can be completed while working full time.
  • We offer a supportive learning environment with academic support services.
  • Tuition is affordable
  • Cohort model
  • Field education
  • Blended online and onsite classes
  • Veteran friendly
Who This Program is For

Full and part time community college students who are nearing completion of their Associate’s degree and are seeking an entry-level career in Human Services

Current employees of human service agencies, including entry level caseworkers, counselors, program and shift supervisors who seek to advance their careers and to deepen their understanding of human behavior and social issues using a variety of ethnic, cultural and political contexts.

Former community college graduates who are seeking a new career as entry level human services caregivers and practitioners.

Veteran Friendly School

William James College is a veteran friendly school with an active and robust veterans program supported by a full-time Director, Associate Director, and Certifying Official. All student veteran applicants for the undergraduate program will be afforded the same level of support as the graduate students. Additionally, they will be invited to participate in all events pertaining to the school’s Military and Veterans in Psychology concentration.  For more information on our Veterans’ resources at William James College, please visit our web page.

Admissions Requirements

Applicants can submit an application to William James College. The application includes a personal statement and submission of undergraduate transcripts. A well-qualified candidate will have a GPA of 2.5 or higher. 

Field Education

Students in their last year will have a field placement experience. This supervised experience will provide students with an opportunity to apply their new classroom skills in clinical settings.

Tuition and Fees

$500 per credit hour, plus an annual student service fee of $500 per year.  

Curriculum Map

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Human Services is a 3 year, work friendly degree program. This is a 60 credit hybrid program with an online component and a classroom component (one to two Saturdays a month). In the fall and spring, students take 2 courses at a time.  In the summer session I, students take 2 courses. There are 3 semesters later in the program where students enroll for 3 courses in a semester. Fall and spring courses are offered on a 15 week semester format. Summer Session I courses are both offered on a 7 week schedule.

Three Year Schedule

Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer I Semester
Year One    
Course 1 (3 credits) Course 3 (3 credits) Course 5 (3 credits)
Course 2 (3 credits) Course 4 (3 credits) Course 6 (3 credits)
Year Two    
Course 7 (3 credits) Course 9 (3 credits) Course 11 (3 credits)
Course 8 (3 credits) Course 10 (3 credits) Course 12 (3 credits)
Year Three    
Course 13 (3 credits) Course 16 (3 credits) Course 19 (3 credits)
Course 14 (3 credits) Course 17 (3 credits) Course 20 (3 credits)
Course 15 (3 credits) Course 18 (3 credits)  

Course Sequence

Year One (18 credits)

Fall Semester (6 credits)
PHS 330 – Ethics (credits: 3) 15 weeks
PHS 310 - Psychological Writing and Communication SkillsEthics (credits: 3) 15 weeks
Spring Semester (6 credits)
PH 350 - Life-Span Development (credits: 3) 15 weeks
PHS 380 - Cross-Cultural Psychology (credits: 3) 15 weeks
Summer I Semester (6 credits)
TBS106 - Abnormal Psychology (credits: 3) 7 weeks
PHIL 320 - Philosophy of Science (credits: 3) 7 weeks

Year Two (18 credits)

Fall Semester (6 credits)
PHS 340 - Psychology of Childhood (credits: 3) 15 weeks
MATH 310 - Statistics for Psychological and Social Sciences (credits: 3) 15 weeks
Spring Semester (6 credits)
SOC 310 - Substance Abuse and Addictive Behavior (credits: 3) 15 weeks
PHS 320 - Research Design and Methods in Psychological and Social Sciences (credits: 3) 15 weeks
Summer I Semester (6 credits)
PHS 360 - Psychology of Aging (credits: 3) 7 weeks
PHS 390 - Psychology of Sex Roles and Genders (credits: 3) 7 weeks

Year Three (24 credits)

Fall Semester (9 credits)
BIO 320 - Biological Psychology (credits: 3) 15 weeks
ANTH 310 - Cultural Anthropology (credits: 3) 15 weeks
PHS 410 - Introduction to Mental Health (credits: 3) 15 weeks
Spring Semester (9 credits)
PHS 420 - Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy (credits: 3) 15 weeks
SOC 320 - Fundamentals of Social Action (credits: 3) 15 weeks
PHS 399- Senior Internship (credits: 3) 15 weeks
Summer I Semester (6 credits)
SOC 310 - Sociology of Social Problems (credits: 3) 7 weeks
ANTH 320 - Ethnic Identity and Social Stratification (credits: 3) 7 weeks


TBS 101 - An Introduction to Case Management - 7 weeks
TBS 102 - Introduction to Trauma - 7 weeks
TBS 103 - Management and Leadership in Human Services - 7 weeks
TBS 104 - Chronic and Severe Mental Illness - 7 weeks
TBS 105 - Introduction to Family Systems and Family Therapy - 7 weeks
1) William James College reserves the right to make changes in the sequence of courses as well as the actual required courses. All college programs do regular reviews and updates of their curriculum.
2) Please discuss registration for electives with your advisor prior to seeking enrollment.
Delivery Model

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Human Services is a 60 credit, three-year course of study. The teaching model is blended. Students attend courses fall, spring and summer each year. In most semesters, students register for 2 or 3 courses in each semester. The program is work friendly and students can maintain a job throughout the program. Each course meets online with a 3 hour, once a month class held on a Saturday on campus. In most semesters, students will spend one to two Saturdays per month on campus. 

Career Outlook

Successful graduates of the BS in Psychology and Human Services will qualify to apply for more challenging jobs in mental health and human services. In addition, this degree should increase the graduate's earning potential. Graduates can also consider applying for graduate study in the many mental health, human services and health care degree programs at the Master's and the Doctoral level. 

Apply to This Program

The Undergraduate Degree Program seeks candidates for admission who are academically qualified and prepared to successfully meet the program requirements. The program is designed for mature and motivated adult learners who desire to complete their undergraduate degree within a community of high achieving human service professionals. While reviewing candidates, the committee will look for:

  • Overall academic preparation
  • A minimum of 45 transferable academic semester credits completed at one or more accredited colleges
  • Work/professional activities indicating maturity and appropriate motivation
  • Demonstrated commitment to complete this program

Required Application Materials:

  • Completed William James College Undergraduate Program Application for Admission
  • Personal Statement: A reflective essay that describes (1) your experiences and persons who influenced your decision to study the field of human services and (2) what you hope to accomplish with your bachelor’s degree. The recommended maximum length of your essay is 500 words.
  • Official transcripts, sent directly to the William James College Admissions Office from each accredited institution attended

Application for Fall 2017:
Rolling Admissions on a Space Available Basis.

Send all application materials to:
William James College
Admissions Office
1 Wells Avenue
Newton, MA 02459

Contact Us

Marc Abelard, MEd
Director, Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Human Services

Yousef AlAjarma, PhD, REAT
Academic Director, Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Human Services

Yousef AlAjarma and Marc Abelard

Yousef AlAjarma, PhD, REAT (left) and Marc Abelard, MEd (right).

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