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Policies and Procedures 

William James College students are required to become familiar with the organization and content of our Institutional Policy and Procedure Manual (IPPM). Because every institution needs order and organization to function efficiently, this document seeks to outline expectations and methods through which the business of education can be successfully accomplished.

The IPPM introduces several important topics of importance to all members of the community:

  • Institutional Governance and Structure
  • Educational Advising, Planning and Evaluation
  • Academic Integrity, Grading, Probation, Leave of Absence, Graduation
  • Confidentiality
  • Library Circulation and Copyright Policy
  • Codes of Ethics
  • Prohibition against Hazing, Sexual Harassment, and Substance Abuse No Smoking Policy
  • No Smoking Policy
  • Administrative Resources and Policies
  • Access and Disclosure: Student Records
  • Registration Policies: Drop/Add, Withdrawal, Reinstatement

Students may access an online copy of the IPPM.

For information about campus safety and security statistics, please click here.

Student Organizations

Student Organizations